Front Pages 2011

Front Pages 2011: 25th Anniversary of EDSA I

Front Pages 2011: 25th Anniversary of EDSA I

Newspaper front pages, February 26

February 25, 2011. The nation commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution, also known as EDSA I. President Benigno Aquino III led the main ceremony at EDSA Shrine in Quezon City.

[Page One stories: Manila Bulletin | Philippine Daily Inquirer | Philippine Star]

In 1986, his mother, former Pres. Corazon Aquino, was sworn in as the 11th President of the Philippines after a four-day non-violent street protest that led to the exile of dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the end of his two-decade regime.


Also on the Covers:

  • Two Filipino nurses were reported to be missing, feared to be trapped under the rubble of a building,  after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand.
  • The government prepared to help OFW’s fleeing the civil unrest in Libya.


Front Pages 2011 is Pinoy Index’s way of looking back at notable events of 2011, as presented on the front page of the three leading broadsheet newspapers in the country: the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star.

Images of newspaper front pages featured in this post are retrieved from the Bulletin e-paper site at, the Inquirer e-paper site at, and the Philippine Star archives.


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