Front Pages 2011

Front Pages 2011: “Father Pops” Shot Dead

Front Pages 2011: "Father Pops" Shot Dead

Front pages of Inquirer and Star, October 18

October 17, 2011. Italian missionary Fr. Fausto Tentorio was shot dead by a lone gunman in Arakan, Cotabato province. “Father Pops” had been working as a missionary in Mindanao for three decades. He is the third Italian priest in 26 years to be killed in Mindanao. In 2003, Tenorio has evaded armed pursuers with the help of local villagers.

[Headline reports: Philippine Daily Inquirer | Philippine Star]


Also on the Covers:

  • P20 billion was requested to be added in President Benigno Aquino III’s stimulus plan [Inquirer | Star]


Front Pages 2011 is Pinoy Index’s way of looking back at notable events of 2011, as presented on the front page of the three leading broadsheet newspapers in the country: the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star.

Images of newspaper front pages featured in this post are retrieved from the Inquirer e-paper site at, and the Philippine Star archives.


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