Front Pages 2011

Front Pages 2011 Gallery

Front Pages 2011 is Pinoy Index’s way of looking back at notable events of 2011, as presented on the front page of the three leading broadsheet newspapers in the country: the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star.

Front Pages 2011: Buendia Bus BombingJanuary 25
The Buendia Bus Bombing
Front Pages 2011: Angelo ReyesFebruary 8
Angelo Reyes
Front Pages 2011: Donaire vs MontielFebruary 19
Donaire vs Montiel
Front Pages 2011: 25th Anniversary of EDSA IFebruary 25
25th Anniv. of EDSA I
The Japan Earthquake (artwork by 11
The Japan Earthquake
Front Pages 2011: Libya Air StrikesMarch 19
Libya Air Strikes
Front Pages 2011: Ping Lacson ReturnsMarch 26
Ping Lacson Returns
Front Pages 2011: China Executes Three OFWsMarch 30
China Executes Three OFWs
Front Pages 2011: Royal Wedding | Merci ResignsApril 29
The Royal Wedding / Merci Resigns
Front Pages 2011: Pope John Paul II's BeatificationMay 1
Pope John Paul II Beatified
Front Pages 2011: Osama bin Laden KilledMay 1
Osama bin Laden Killed
Front Pages 2011: Pacquiao vs MosleyMay 7
Pacquiao vs Mosley
Front Pages 2011: Tony Leviste, VIP(risoner)May 18
Tony Leviste, VIP(risoner)
Front Pages 2011: Rizal@150June 19
Front Pages 2011: Michael Ray Aquino ExtraditedJune 26
Michael Ray Aquino Extradited
Front Pages 2011: Hubert Webb | Davao City FlashfloodJune 29
Hubert Webb | Davao City Flashflood
Front Pages 2011: P-Noy's First Year in OfficeJune 30
P-Noy’s First Year in Office
Front Pages 2011: Duterte Punches a SheriffJuly 1
Duterte Punches a Sheriff
Front Pages 2011: Azkals vs Sri LankaJuly 3
Azkals vs Sri Lanka
Front Pages 2011: The "SUV Bishops"July 13
The “SUV” Bishops
Front Pages 2011: Lintang Bedol SurrendersJuly 19
Lintang Bedol Surrenders
Front Pages 2011: P-Noy\'s 2nd SONAJuly 25 | P-Noy’s Second SONA
“Do you want the corrupt held accountable? So do I. Do you want to see the end of wang-wang, both on the streets and in the sense of entitlement that has led to the abuse that we have lived with for so long? So do I. Do you want to give everyone a fair chance to improve their lot in life? So do I. We have fought against the wang-wang, and our efforts have yielded results.”
Front Pages 2011: Mike Arroyo and the PNP HelicoptersAugust 2
FG and the PNP Helicopters
Front Pages 2011: Sen. Migz Zubiri ResignsAugust 3 and 11
Migz Resigns; Koko Takes Oath
Front Pages 2011: P-Noy, MILF's Ibrahim Meet in JapanAugust 4
P-Noy, MILF’s Ibrahim Meet in Japan
Front Pages 2011: Shootouts in QC and MakatiAugust 10
Shootouts in QC and Makati
Front Pages 2011: 10th Anniversary of 9/11September 11
10th Anniversary of 9/11
Front Pages 2011: The Miss Universe PageantSeptember 12
The Miss Universe Pageant
Front Pages 2011: Typhoon PedringSeptember 27
Pedring | PAL Employees on Strike
Front Pages 2011: Steve JobsOctober 5
Steve Jobs
Front Pages 2011: "Father Pops" Shot DeadOctober 17
“Father Pops” Shot Dead
Front Pages 2011: MILF Kills 19 SoldiersOctober 18
MILF Kills 19 Soldiers
Front Pages 2011: Gadhafi KilledOctober 20
Muammar Gadhafi Killed
Front Pages 2011: Donaire vs NarvaezOctober 22
Donaire vs Narvaez
Front Pages 2011: Ram Revilla Murdered | Charice's Dad KilledOctober 28 and 30
Killed: Ram Revilla, Charice’s Dad
Front Pages 2011: The Miss World PageantNovember 6
The Miss World Pageant
Front Pages 2011: Pacquiao vs Marquez IIINovember 12
Pacquiao-Marquez III
Nov-Dec 2011 | CGMA: Stopped, Arrested, Transferred
Pres. Benigno Aquino III is vehement in making Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo “pay” for her “crimes” during her nine-year Presidency. Meanwhile, the former President is struggling to defend herself, made more difficult by her medical condition.
(At left: CGMA’s alleged mugshot on Inquirer’s cover page, Nov 21) 
Front Pages 2011: Noynoy Aquino vs Renato CoronaDec 2011 | Pres. Aquino III vs CJ Renato Corona
It was an unprecedented move: the head of the executive branch “challenging” the head of the judicial branch. In an apparent effort to “fast-track the wheels of justice”, Pres. Noynoy Aquino initiated moves to replace Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Front Pages 2011: "Hacienda Luisita No More"November 23
“Hacienda Luisita No More”
Front Pages 2011: Sendong Hits CDO, IliganDecember 16
Sendong Hits CDO, Iligan City

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