Front Pages 2011

Front Pages 2011: Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

The year 2011 has not been kind to former President and current Representative of the 2nd District of Pampanga, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Since Benigno Aquino III assumed the Presidency last year, CGMA, her husband Mike Arroyo, and her alleged “cohorts” have faced numerous legal battles, to make them respond to anomalies during her nine-year administration which are still left unresolved.

P-Noy is vehement in making CGMA “pay” for her “crimes”. Meanwhile, the former President is struggling to defend herself, made more difficult by her medical condition.

In summary: CGMA was rushed to the hospital June 16 due to a “pinched nerve.” It took three surgeries on the spinal area to correct the problem. However, it was later found out that CGMA “suffers” from a rare bone ailment called hypoparathyroidism. This prompted the Arroyo camp to seek treatment abroad.

On October 28, Arroyo and others accused of electoral sabotage were placed under the Bureau of Immigration’s watch list by the Department of Justice. The Arroyos’ earlier request for an Allow Departure Order (ADO) for overseas treatment was rejected by DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima November 8. The Arroyo camp petitioned the Supreme Court for a temporary restraining order on the DOJ ruling.

A week later, chaos ensued.

Front Pages 2011: CGMA Stopped at NAIA

Front pages of Bulletin, Inquirer and Star, November 16

STOPPED. November 15, 2011. At noon, the Supreme Court voted 8-5 to issue a TRO on the DOJ ruling. At around 4:00 PM, Sec. de Lima declared that the watch-list order is still in full force until the government receives a copy of the TRO. (The SC sent the copy at 7:00 PM.)

The Arroyos, however, stood their ground and arrived at NAIA Terminal 1 at 8:00 PM. There, they were blocked by Immigration authorities. After a one-hour stand-off, the Arroyo couple returned to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City.

[Headline reports: Manila Bulletin | Philippine Daily Inquirer: ‘Gov’t stops GMA flight’, ‘SC allows GMA to travel’ | Philippine Star]

[Inquirer: ‘Timeline: All in day’s work for Palace, SC’]

Front Pages 2011: CGMA Arrested

Front pages of Bulletin, Inquirer and Star, November 19

ARRESTED. November 18, 2011. The Supreme Court upheld the TRO on the DOJ ruling. In effect, the Arroyos will now be able to leave the country for medical treatment. Or not.

[Page One reports on SC’s TRO affirmation: Bulletin | Inquirer | Star]

The COMELEC-DOJ joint panel probing the 2007 poll fraud allegations charged CGMA, Andal Ampatuan, Sr., and Lintang Bedol of electoral sabotage, a non-bailable offense. At noon, the panel filed the case before Pasay City Regional Trial Court Branch 112. Six hours later, the warrant of arrest for the accused was issued by Judge Jesus Mupas.

[Page One reports on CGMA’s arrest: Bulletin | Inquirer | Star]

November 21, 2011. The Pasay City RTC allowed CGMA’s request to be on hospital arrest at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City.

November 28, 2011. The Arroyo camp filed a motion to seek house arrest in her residence in La Vista, Quezon City. It was denied December 21 by the Pasay City RTC.

Front Pages 2011: CGMA Transferred to VMMC

Front pages of Bulletin, Inquirer and Star, December 10

TRANSFERRED. December 9, 2011. At 4:10 PM, after 10 hours of waiting in St. Luke’s for a decision in her mode of transportation, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was transferred to a government hospital, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City,

[Headline reports: Manila Bulletin | Philippine Daily Inquirer | Philippine Star]

CGMA’s suite was the same one where another former President, Joseph Estrada, was detained temporarily for plunder charges in 2007.


Front Pages 2011 is Pinoy Index’s way of looking back at notable events of 2011, as presented on the front page of the three leading broadsheet newspapers in the country: the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star.

Images of newspaper front pages featured in this post are retrieved from the Bulletin e-paper site at, the Inquirer e-paper site at, and the Philippine Star archives.


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