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Front Pages: The Historic Black Nazarene Procession 2012

Front Pages: Black Nazarene Procession 2012

Front pages of Bulletin, Inquirer and Star, January 10, 2012

January 9, 2012. This year’s Feast of the Black Nazarene procession was historic: the Black Nazarene float roamed around Manila and returned to Quiapo Church after a record 22 hours.

The event was also filled with tension, as President Benigno Aquino III himself raised the possibility of terrorists striking during the procession. He instructed telecommunications companies to disable cellphone signals around the procession’s path.

[Manila Bulletin: Devotees defy threat]

[Philippine Daily Inquirer: Millions defy terror alert | Gov’t agents raid houses of terror group]

[The Philippine Star: Devotees ignore terror warning | Raids yield no terrorists; telcos disable signals]


Also on the Front Pages:

» CJ Corona trial: Senator-judges and their new robes
The twenty-three Senator-judges will be wearing new robes at the start of the impeachment trial, following observations that the original red-colored robes are “unfit” for the trial.
Bulletin: Senators’ robes ‘unfit’ for Corona trial
Inquirer: Color of royalty better than ‘tomato sauce’ red
Star: Senators to get new robes

» Economy worsened in 2011, says poll
Four out of 10 Filipinos think that the economy worsened in the last quarter of 2011, according to a Pulse Asia survey
Inquirer: Economy last year not fun to many – Pulse

» Tensions at West Philippine Sea over island claims
Territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea continue to intensify, as China anchored some ships near the Kalayaan Group of Islands and Panatag Shoal.
Bulletin: PH beefing up defense capability
Star: Beijing says Phl protest on intrusions ‘baseless’


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