2013 Elections / Local Candidates (2013)

Local Candidates 2013: Quezon City

2013 Elections: Quezon City2013 Elections Logo (jpg)In Quezon City, the Liberal Party as well as familiar surnames look to retain their stronghold in the city’s political arena. The creation of two new legislative districts out of the second district last year, however, brought together fresh and returning names, all vying for Congress and City Council seats.

The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) put up a minor fight in Metro Manila’s largest city, having no ticket to challenge incumbent Mayor Herbert Bautista [LP] and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte [LP], and only fielding candidates for five of the six Congress seats. Independent candidates Johnny Chang and Rolando Jota of the “Better QC” ticket will attempt to outvote Bautista and Belmonte for the City Hall race.

Speaking of the Belmontes, House Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte’s [LP] run for a second term is challenged anew by PMP’s Hans Palacios, while his nephew Jose Christopher “Kit” Belmonte [LP] runs unopposed as Representative of  the newly-created 6th District. Kit Belmonte lost his 2nd District Congress bid in 2010. Two of Sonny’s other nephews, Ricardo Jr. and Vicente Eric Jr., run for re-election in the 1st and 4th Districts, respectively.

The Castelo-Sotto clan fielded candidates for councilor in every district, save the first one: Precious Hipolito-Castelo [LP] in the second district, actor Gian Carlo Sotto [LP] and singer Anthony Castelo [Ind.] in the third district; Jessica Castelo-Daza [LP] in the 4th district, Karl Edgar Castelo [LP] in the 5th district, and actress Lala Sotto [LP] in the 6th district. Also, Rep. Winston Castelo [LP] is seeking re-election in the second district, but is challenged by the returning Chuck Mathay [Ind./UNA], who lost to Castelo in 2010.

In the fight for the 1st district Congress seat, Rita Crisologo [UNA], seeking to replace his husband outgoing Rep. Vincent Crisologo, faces off against Coun. Francisco Calalay, Jr. [LP] The 3rd District Congress match-up will be a 2010 rematch of sorts between re-electionist Rep. Jorge John Banal [LP] and former Cong. Matias Defensor, Jr. [UNA].

In the newly-created 5th District, actor and councilor Alfred Vargas [LP] goes up against two Congress veterans, Dante Liban [UNA] and Annie Rosa Susano [KKK], as well as radio commentator Isagani Oro [Aksyon Demokratiko].

Names in italics are incumbent candidates running for re-election.

LP ticket
UNA ticket
Mayor Herbert BAUTISTA Johnny CHANG [Ind./Better QC]
Henry SAMONTE [Ind.]
Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina BELMONTE Rolando JOTA [Ind./Better QC]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
1st District
Francisco Calalay, Jr. Rita Crisologo Gary Jamile [Ind.]
1st District
Ricardo Belmonte, Jr.
Dorothy Delarmente [NPC]
Victor Ferrer, Jr.
Alexis Herrera
Lena Marie Juico
Erlinda Madrilejo
Fermin Bilaos
Jennifer Calalay
Anthony Peter Crisologo
Paolo Fortuno [PDP-LABAN]
Leopoldo Sta. Maria, Jr.
Von Rommel Yalong
Sonny Argales [Ind.]
Napoleon Lipana [Ind.]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
2nd District
Winston Castelo
Ismael Mathay III
2nd District
Precious Hipolito-Castelo
Voltaire Liban III
Ranulfo Ludovica
Ramon Medalla
Roderick Paulate [Ind.]
Estrella Valmocina
Joseph Arias [PMP]
Antonio Denosta [PMP]
Joan Cristine Lareza
Restituto Malangen [PDP-LABAN]
Alexander Tolome
Marcelo Borja, Jr. [Ind.]
Rosario Dadulo [Ind.]
Jose Gaviola, Sr. [Ind.]
Alexander Lague [Ind.]
Vicente Madero [Ind.]
Napoleon Matabalan [Ind.]
Olyn Therese Medina [NPC]
Ginalyn Mozar [Ind.]
Alejandro Tarca [Ind.]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
3rd District
Jorge John Banal Matias Defensor, Jr.
3rd District
Jaime Borres
Julian Edward Coseteng
Eufemio Lagumbay [NP]
Allan Benedict Reyes
Gian Carlo Sotto
Dante de Guzman
Don de Leon [PDP-LABAN]
Dominic Flores [PMP]
Elizabeth Gaba [PDP-LABAN]
Raymundo Carlos [MKB]
Anthony Castelo [Ind.]
Baltazar Catbagan [Ind.]
Henry Cruz [Ind.]
Franz Pumaren [NPC]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
4th District
Feliciano Belmonte, Jr.
Albert Hans Palacios [PMP]
4th District
Vicente Eric Belmonte, Jr.
Jessica Castelo-Daza
Bayani Hipol
Raquel Malangen
Marvin Rillo
Jesus Suntay [Ind.]
William Garcia [Ind.]
James Ibañez [Ind.]
Antonio Inton [KKK]
Dante Josef Lagman [PLM]
Janet Malaya [LDP]
Ramon Mathay [Ind.]
Felix Mopas [Ind.]
Antonio Pacheo [Ind.]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
5th District
Alfred Vargas Dante Liban Isagani Oro [AKSYON]
Annie Rosa Susano [KKK]
5th District
Carlito Bernardino
Karl Edgar Castelo
Allan Francisco
Godofredo Liban II*
Julienne Medalla*
Eric Medina
*-incumbent 2nd District
Arnold Francisco
Alicia Herrera
Aileen Papin
Michelle Umali
Anjo Yllana
Nilo Biglang-Awa [KKK]
Ma. Kristine Fider [KKK]
Zenaida Montellano [KKK]
Retchel Go [PDP-LABAN]
Mary Ann Tobias [PDP-LABAN]
Jerwin Ejercito [PMP]
Marvina Liban [PMP]
Roy Bustamante [Ind.]
Francis Camacho [Ind.]
Jesus Dungca [Ind.]
Rolando Galura [Ind.]
Susy Gaspar [Ind.]
Walter Jimenez [Ind.]
Pepe Leguarda [Ind.]
Ismael Mathay IV [NPC]
Reynaldo Miranda, Jr.
Chona Rellosa [MKB]
Nicanor John Reyes IV [Ind.]
Enrico Serrano [Ind.]
Jose Visaya [Ind.]
LP ticket
UNA ticket
6th District
Jose Christopher Belmonte
6th District
Melencio Castelo, Jr.
Ma. Victoria Co-Pilar
Rogelio Juan
Donato Matias
Eden Delilah Medina*
Lala Sotto
*-incumbent 2nd District
Ellen Co [PDP-LABAN]
Alfredo Espinola II [PDP-LABAN]
Hadji Leandro Liban
Reginald Planas [PDP-LABAN]
Andrew San Diego [PDP-LABAN]
Bernard Sapitula [PDP-LABAN]
Heber Bartolome [Ind.]
Alexandrea Herra [NP]
Michael Lagman [Ind.]
Halil Mapandi [Ind.]
Myrleon Peralta [MKB/Better QC]
Allan Robes [Ind.]
Roberto Sombillo [KKK]
Ariel Uy [Ind.]
Sotero Vargas [Ind.]

[AKSYON] – Aksyon Demokratiko
[Ind.] – Independent
[KKK] – Laban Para sa Kapayapaan, Katarungan at Kaunlaran
[LDP] – Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino
[LP] – Liberal Party
[MKB] – Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan
[NP] – Nacionalista Party
[NPC] – Nationalist People’s Coalition
[NUP] – National Unity Party
[PDP-LABAN] – Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan
[PLM] – Partido Lakas ng Masa
[PMP] – Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
[UNA] – United Nationalist Alliance

To view the local candidates in other areas, keep visiting this blog for updates, or click here to visit COMELEC’s interactive “List of Candidates for the 2013 National and Local Elections” page.

Saw an error or inaccurate information? Kindly log it in the comments section below. 🙂


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