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The Best Online Guides to the 2013 Senatorial Election

Pinoy Index admits it can only do so much. Major news outlets already have the 2013 senatorial election covered; that is why this blog does not have entries about the 33 official candidates for Senator.

But, to continue contributing to voters’ education, Pinoy Index chose to browse the Internet instead for websites that feature these 33 candidates in-depth. Here are five of those sites serving as helpful online guides to the 2013 Philippine Senatorial election:

[updated March 19, 2013]

gmanews_isyu-ng-bayanGMA News: Mga Isyu ng Bayan
[added Mar 19] The most useful reference in this list. It shows every Senatorial candidate’s stand in nine relevant and pressing issues in the country, from a proposed total gun ban to the Reproductive Health Law.
Rappler: Candidate BriefsRappler.com – Candidate Briefs
Articles are dedicated to some Senatorial candidates. It is not a regular feature in the website, but at least it attempts to go in-depth and raise some issues regarding the candidate.
[Mar 19] Each Senatorial candidate now gets a profile page with a quick bio-data information. Rappler supplements it with a timeline of their previous and current affiliations, and a graph of their performances in SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.
GMA News: Eleksyon 2013GMA News: Eleksyon 2013
All the Senatorial candidates featured in one page! Their profiles are there, but not their platforms. Plus points, though, for the links to the Senatoriables’ official websites and Facebook/Twitter accounts. Nice touch, too, in stating the candidates’ relatives in politics or in government.
Among the websites on this list, IVotePH.com is the closest fit to a voter’s “one-stop shop” on information related to Senatorial candidates. The website lists down not only the Senatoriables’ personal information, but also their platforms and advocacies. Plus points for having decent entries for the non-mainstream candidates. Some may just have been copied from Wikipedia, but hey, at least someone made an effort to collect and “centralize” the information.
ABS-CBN News: Halalan 2013ABS-CBN News: Halalan 2013
Clicking the thumbnail of a Senatoriable’s picture leads to a write-up about that candidate. Track records stated, but no collection of platforms. Points go to the “Filter by Party” feature, for those who plan to vote a straight ticket. Minus points for not having the list in alphabetical order.
Interaksyon.com: Pagbabago 2013Interaksyon.com: Pagbabago 2013
Homepage is somewhat cluttered. No main page or profile pages for Senatorial candidates, and the list is relegated to only a sidebar on the right side of the homepage. However, clicking on the name of a candidate leads to all news articles tagged to him/her. It’s a unique feature that gives the user a “customized” content, containing the latest news about a Senatoriable.

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